What’s Going On?

Type 2 diabetes growing in china

Beijing Fatter and sicker: Prevalence of type 2 diabetes has more than tripled in China over the past decade as Chinese people adopt a more Western diet and lifestyle. “China, unfortunately, has become the world’s capital for diabetes,” said Michael ...
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Canadian porn actor suspected of murder

Porn star murder suspect nabbed: The Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering his boyfriend in Montreal, then mailing his severed body parts to Canada’s political parties, was arrested in Germany this week. Luka Magnotta, 29, a gay prostitute, was Googling ...
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Capitalism – Confronting and Constructing a Culture

By Evo Morales, President of Bolivia - Jan 24, 2013 Sisters, brothers: The world is being hit by a world-wide multiple crisis that is manifested in a climate, financial, food, institutional, cultural, ethical and spiritual crisis. This crisis indicates to ...
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Why the beach is a pitiful sight

Britain’s “decayed seaside resorts” have become a dumping ground for society’s outcasts, said Libby Purves. Towns like Blackpool, Margate, and Clacton-on-Sea were holiday destinations for generations of English families. But they began to decline in the 1970s, when package tours ...
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Harmful Extreme Workouts

Overdosing On Exercise – Harmful Extreme Workouts

Training for a marathon and other extreme workouts may be more harmful than healthy. After reviewing over 50 studies, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that more than an hour of intense aerobic activity per day put runners and cyclists ...
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Pakistani activists seek to block Chinese power plants

Karachi, Pakistan Nuclear plants at risk: Pakistani activists are seeking to block the construction of two nuclear power plants in an earthquake-prone, coastal area that is vulnerable to tsunamis. The Chinese are building the two reactors—using an experimental design—less than ...
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Why the obese keep eating

Could obesity be treated as a form of drug addiction? A new study suggests that some overweight people may be addicted to eating in the same way that, say, a cocaine addict craves another hit of his favorite drug. Researchers ...
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Fracking’s seismic impact

Geologists are warning that fracking may be leading to an increase in seismic activity. A recent advisory from the U.S. Geological Survey warns that activities related to hydraulic fracturing—or fracking, extracting oil and natural gas from subterranean rock formations—has likely ...
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Death from overwork

Death from overwork – Can it be prevented?

The Japanese are working themselves to death. Labor activists have been trying to draw attention to the problem of karoshi, or death from overwork, for decades. Reliable statistics can’t be found, because it’s hard to prove causation in the case ...
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Pollution arrives on winds from China

Along with goods for U.S. markets, China's booming factories are exporting pollution that fouls the air over the Western U.S., a new study has found. "We've outsourced our manufacturing and much of our pollution, but some of it is blowing ...
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