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Ancient Lost White City

Ancient Lost White City Found

For centuries, explorers and treasure hunters have searched in vain for the ancient lost White City the legendary home of a long lost Central American civilization. Now American and Honduran researchers think they've finally found the pre-Columbian settlement deep in ...
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The toll of loneliness on your health

Loneliness and it’s toll on your health

Too much alone time can kill you. A study conducted by Brigham Young University found that isolation and loneliness are as bad for a person’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic. Researchers examined data from ...
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obesity and autism

Obesity and autism – Are they linked?

Are obesity and autism linked? A new study shows that obese pregnant women are 60 percent more likely to give birth to a child with autism than women of a healthy weight—and twice as likely to have a child with ...
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food lost to waste

Fifth of world’s food lost to waste and over-eating

Almost one-fifth of world's food lost to waste and over-eating, a study suggests. The world population consumes around 10 per cent more food than it needs, while almost nine per cent of food lost to waste or left to spoil, ...
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Demographic suicide

Among the consequences of Europe’s aban-Ife donment of its religious roots and the moral "code that derives therefrom is a plunge in its birth rates to below the replacements level. Abortion, birth control, acceptance of gay marriage and casual sex ...
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Pope Gives OK For Atheists To Enter Heaven

Pope Gives “OK” For Atheists To Enter Heaven

In comments likely to enhance his progressive reputation, Pope Francis has written a long, open letter to the founder of La Repubblica newspaper, Eugenio Scalfari, stating that non-believers (Atheists) would be forgiven by God if they followed their consciences. Responding ...
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Taurids Meteor Collision

Taurids Meteor Stream Could Cause Disaster To Earth

Scientists have discovered a new branch of the Taurids meteor stream that could prove to be a major disaster for Earth, with asteroids up to 1,000 feet wide flying past us every few years. The Taurids meteor shower peaks every ...
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Heavy drinking linked to strokes

Strokes Linked To Heavy drinking

Men who average three drinks a day and women who average two face a significantly higher risk for stroke in middle age, a new study has found. The study by Swedish scientists examined drinking habits of more than 11,000 twins ...
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The Prominence and Plight Of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

The number of juveniles in the nation’s criminal justice system has been in decline for years. California and New York have closed some of their largest and most troubled juvenile detention facilities. Missouri has recently been credited with doing a ...
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Hungarian power grab

Budapest Power grab: In the face of mass protests and international condemnation, the Hungarian parliament has overwhelmingly passed 15 pages of amendments to the country’s 1-year-old constitution that practically abolish all judicial checks on the government. The amendments retroactively restore ...
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