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Move More, Sit Less, Likely to Live Longer

Studies have shown that if you move more and sit less you will be able to live longer and healthier.  When you have a job where you sit for eight hours a day you should get up and walk around at least a few minutes an hour you will help your body.  Instead a taking the parking spot closest to the entrance try parking a little farther out each day.  Exercising every day after work helps but if you are sitting at a desk all day you still run the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and potentially shortening your life.

The study followed 8,000 people 45 years and older for four years.  When the study group were more active, about 30 minutes a day, it showed that about 17% were at a lower risk of early death.  When they were more active and followed a more vigorous program there was a 35% chance of living longer.

Columbia University recommends that we get more active and less sedentary to avoid premature death.