Poem – My Awkuzu Mistake (By Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh)

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My Awkuzu Mistake


Maybe it’d been a perfect end

That time we shared at Awkuzu

On crumpled cotton bedsheets—

Testimony of what we called love


Or maybe we should’ve just ended it

That infamous night in February

You confessed I was not the only one

And yet you called it love


That was not the only lie you were telling

He was not the only thing you were hiding

Why did I ever think we were something?

Why didn’t I accept we were nothing?




*Awkuzu is a village near the Nigerian city of Awka.


Author Bio: Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh

Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh started writing his observations and experiences four years ago, inspired by Lisa Smallwood, an American poet. His works have since appeared in Tuck, Better Than Starbucks, Fourth Wave, Vox Poetica, Literary Yard, Down in the Dirt and elsewhere. He lives in eastern Nigeria and just recently dropped out of school.