Ancient Tools Found in North Africa

Ancient Tools Found in North Africa

Archeologists have found some stone tools from about 2 million years ago in Algeria.  The 250 tools found alongside some 300 animal bones suggests that humans were butchering animals in North Africa long before they were originally thought to had arrived in the region. This really has changed the theory that human life began in East Africa.  The discovery shows that humans actually ventured throughout Africa.


These tools predate tools that were found in the east by at least 600,000 years.  This study ran for about 25 years and the following countries were involved – Algeria, France, Spain and Australia.


East Africa has not as of yet lost its status of being the cradle of humanity but now it is believed that the whole country of Africa may have been the beginning of humanity.


This discovery shows that our ancestors were not merely scavengers but may have been carnivores and had first access to animal carcasses.  There were only animal bones with cut marks on them found on the site of the discovery which showed that humans were there to butcher these animals.  The question is – “Were humans using these tools all over the country?”


Archeologists believe that the humans from East Africa migrated to China and possibly moved east as well as west from their birthplace.