Indian state requires candidates to own a toilet before they can run in village elections

Authorities in an east Indian state have made it mandatory for candidates contesting village elections to have a toilet in their home as part of a move to improve sanitation in the country, a senior official said. On Wednesday, the Bihar state assembly passed an act mandating that candidates must confirm that they have a toilet inside their home in […]

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Poem – Bodies Exhibit (By Fern G. Z. Carr)

Bodies Exhibit – By Fern G. Z. Carr   Black walls, track lighting, spectators milling about silently, reverently   surrounded by vascular systems preserved in fluid, skeletons, diseased organs, foetuses in jars.   Hollowed out corpses in life-like poses play soccer, hold hands, boast their musculature – a post-mortem artistic rendition of red meat.   In a display case, a […]

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Seabin – The Automated Marina Rubbish Collector

The Seabin marine waste collector shows how often the simplest solutions are the most effective. The rubbish collector, designed to float in marinas, inland waterways, residential lakes and harbors, collects floating debris and liquids by sucking water from the surface and letting if flow out through the bottom of the structure, trapping waste in a filter bag. The inventors have […]

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