Poem – Bob’s Terminal Bay (By Frank De Canio)

Bob’s Terminal Bay   Wracked by cancer, Bob Marley told his friend, “It’s not me, Camille.” No, it’s never me when self-determination’s at an end. For, navigating pain, you cannot see but knots ahead. And you’re preoccupied with hoisting sails against prevailing winds. Bravado in your weary crew has died. A glance into the water shows the fins of sharks […]

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Qatar’s weighty problem

The emirate isn’t just the world’s richest country, it’s also one of the fattest. Half of adults and a third of children are obese, and almost 17 percent of the native population suffers from diabetes. By comparison, about a third of Americans are obese, and 8 percent diabetic. The problem is that Qataris are so rich that they don’t need […]

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The children can’t take it anymore

Russian teens are killing themselves en masse, and the authorities “seem oblivious,” said Alexander Tretyakov. The country has long had one of the world’s highest teen suicide rates, and in the past decade it’s gotten worse. Thousands of teens have joined “suicide forums” on Vkontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook. There they share stories of abuse and desperation and trade […]

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