Pyramids Spotted In Antarctica – Real or Hoax?


3.1 33 After an adventurous expedition a group of explorers have reportedly discovered several strange man-made ancient pyramids in Antarctica. For those who don’t already know, “when life first came onto the land, Antarctica was one of the continental landmasses to be covered in forests and animals. Much of the fossil record of the Antarctic landmass is under the ice, […]

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Cheating in school: Why it’s on the rise

5.0 01 Have we raised “a generation of cheaters?” asked Robert Kolker in New York magazine. That’s the question people are asking after a series of major cheating scandals involving some of the nation’s top schools and colleges. New York City’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School this month suspended 12 students, and threatened to suspend 50 more, for allegedly sharing test […]

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Climate risk to inflexible penguins’ chicks

5.0 01 Crested and rockhopper penguins are threatened by climate change – but this time the penguins could be at risk because they cannot change their own ways. Evolution has left them with a rigid parenting strategy, probably well adapted for climate conditions so far. But as temperatures rise, conditions change and food supplies become precarious, the inflexible roles of male […]

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