The peril of domestic drones

Drone warfare is now coming to your own backyard, said Glenn Greenwald. Local police have begun using unmanned Predator drones like those used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to conduct surveillance of criminal suspects right here in the U.S. This chilling ...
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gold meteor

Gold’s cosmic origins

All the gold on Earth was forged in the collisions of massively dense stars billions of years ago. Astronomers have come to this conclusion after observing and analyzing the afterglow of a crash between two neutron stars in a galaxy ...
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Hidden Cash

Hidden Cash All Over NY And LA

Hidden Cash was a 2014 multi-city project founded by Jason Buzi and Yan Budman using the Twitter account of the same name. On May 22, 2014, Hidden Cash began hiding money in San Francisco, California and tweeting out clues using ...
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only in America

Only in America

■    Residents of New York City's SoHo neighborhood are now paying a delivery service $100 for a single "Cronut"— a trendy new combination of a croissant and donut.The line at the bakery that makes the coveted pastries begins forming at ...
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Crows’ excellent memory helps them tell human friends from foes

They may not crow about it, but if you get on the wrong side of them, they’re not going to forget it in a hurry. Crows have an excellent memory for human faces, a study has revealed. They can tell ...
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Greening The Hood

■    South Central Los Angeles is more famous for drive-by shootings than well-kept gardens, but one native son is getting locals to trade their sawed-off shotguns for shovels. Ron Finley, who styles himself the "Gangsta Gardener" is encouraging Angelenos to ...
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Oakland Zoo Auctioning Off Artwork By Animals

The Oakland Zoo RAISED money for conservation by auctioning artwork created by giraffes, bats, elephants and other resident animals. Thirty-two works of art by more than 20 species are on auction on eBay. Click here to view the current auctions ...
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Homeless man’s poetry touches thousands

■ Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho has been writing poetry for most of his life, but because he was living on the side of the road in Sao Paulo, Brazil, only a few passersby ever read it. That changed when one of ...
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Denver Coffee Shop, Purple Door Helps Homeless

The owners of one Denver coffee shop aren't just talking about social issues, they're actually doing something about them. Co-founders Madison Chandler and Mark Smesrud opened the Purple Door two years ago with the goal of hiring homeless young adults, ...
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For a good night’s sleep, let the dog snuggle up to you

Mayo Sleep Clinic in Arizona surveyed 150 patients about sleep habits Found those who sleep with pets 'feel more safe and secure' But 20 per cent say sleep interrupted by 'wandering or whimpering' Animal lovers have been warned for years ...
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