Turning walks into watts

The average human being generates about eight watts of energy with each step, most of which is expended as vibration. It may not sound like much, but take the 30,000 or more people who pass through a major-city subway hub ...
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Dunes from Christmas trees

Residents of shorelines previously damaged by Hurricane Sandy turned to a cheap and plentiful resource to help them rebuild: discarded Christmas trees. The storm washed away miles of sand dunes, which protected the coast from flooding by serving as a ...
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Scariest Streets - The Magic Roundabout - Swindon, England


Below is a listing of what has been considered to be the most scariest streets in the world. Some have been labeled scary because of their sheer location, while others are scary because of the way they were designed. Either ...
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Why fewer women seek abortions

It’s “ a fascinating irony of the pro-life movement,” said David Frum. Abortion rates are plummeting in the U.S., largely because of prolifers’ efforts. But at the same time, out-of-wedlock births are soaring—and among the poor and the lower middle ...
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A pill to burn fat

Tired of exercising to shed excess pounds? Scientists at Harvard University may have discovered a way to help you lose weight—just by taking a pill. The human body has two kinds of fat cells: white cells, which store excess calories ...
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Jon Bon Jovi’s Restaurant Serves Up Philanthropy

The Soul Kitchen is a Community Restaurant, a non-profit community program run by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. A Community Restaurant is a place where individuals or families can come to eat a hot, nutritious meal in a warm, ...
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Deceased Dad's Son, Tanner Brownlee

Deceased Dad’s Son Gets Unexpected Gift

Tanner Brownlee and his brother, Chase, had been hoping to raise enough money to buy their deceased father's patrol car at a local auction following his death. Sam Brownlee, their father was killed in the line of duty five years ...
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Could we talk with whales?

Human-like sounds made by a captive beluga whale suggest that cetaceans could learn to mimic our voices, and perhaps even converse with us. Researchers at the National Marine Mammal Foundation first noticed in the 1980s that one of their whales ...
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meteor shower

The sky falls in the land of rumors

The meteor fallout may have stopped, but conspiracy theories are still raining down on Russians, said Alexander Malyshev. The 10-ton rock that screamed through the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk last week was captured on many of the dashboard cameras that are ...
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Mediterranean Diet - Fruits and Vegetables

Mediterranean diet fights off depression

A Mediterranean diet could be the answer to keeping depression at bay as well as heart disease, suggests new research. The study, which monitored over 15k people, showed that a diet filled with fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and olive oil, ...
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