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Humans settled, set fire to Madagascar’s forests 1,000 years ago

There's no question that our species has had a dramatic impact on the planet's physical environment, particularly over the last few centuries, with the rise of modern industry, transportation, and infrastructure. But as new research shows, humans have been transforming ...
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Large Trees – First To Go In Drought

In forests worldwide, drought consistently has had a more detrimental impact on the growth and survival of larger trees, new research shows. In addition, while the death of small trees may affect the dominance of trees in a landscape, the ...
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Hailstone balls

Hailstone – Lack of hail causes concern

What is hail or a hailstone? Hail is a form of precipitation that occurs when updrafts in thunderstorms carry raindrops upward into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere where they freeze into balls of ice. Hail can damage aircraft, homes ...
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Climate report offers a grim forecast

What happened A United Nations panel of the world’s leading environmental scientists issued its most dire warnings on the dangers posed by climate change, saying global warming is already affecting every continent and threatens to devastate food supplies, cause mass ...
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Warming adds to pressure on bats

Across the world, bats are in trouble from climate change – not only through collisions with the wind turbines that are intended to mitigate its effects, but from what the increasing warmth does to their ability to find their prey ...
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10 Best Places to Harness Solar Power

Today’s solar cell technology has its roots in the early days of America’s space program, when in 1958, NASA launched the solar-powered Vanguard I satellite. Solar power technology has become more efficient. But the cost is still two to four ...
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Antarctica's Subterranean Ecosystem

Antarctica’s Subterranean Ecosystem

Antarctica's Subterranean Ecosystem is quite interesting. In Antarctica researchers have found an undersea ecosystem under an iceberg that broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula.  They say that Antarctica's Subterranean Ecosystem has been hidden for over 120 thousand years.  As the ...
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Freak weather

Weather Becoming Freakish: Proof of climate change?

Even in a world where extreme weather is becoming more common, said Sarah Lyall in The New York Times, the past week has been truly bizarre. In China, now suffering through its coldest, harshest winter in memory, the roofs of ...
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Historic Drought causes higher prices

Historic drought: Broiling heat baked much of the U.S. heartland this week, as the nation’s worst drought in more than 50 years devastated corn, soy, and other vital crops. More than 1,000 counties in 26 states have been declared natural ...
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Climate risk to inflexible penguins’ chicks

Crested and rockhopper penguins are threatened by climate change – but this time the penguins could be at risk because they cannot change their own ways. Evolution has left them with a rigid parenting strategy, probably well adapted for climate conditions ...
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