96-year-old Indian man – World’s oldest father

■    A 96-year-old Indian man has been declared the world's oldest father after his wife bore a son last month—the second in two years. Ramjeet Raghav, a farmer in a village about 30 miles from Delhi, said the doctors who ...
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Smokers Feel More Pain

Smokers Feel More Pain Than Non-Smokers

Smokers or those who are exposed to secondhand smoke may require heavier doses of anesthesia and painkillers during surgery. A new study found that cigarettes—which are filled with more than 4,000 chemicals—can not only affect the metabolism of anesthetic drugs ...
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Pope Francis Cures Cancer

Pope Francis Cures Cancer With Papal Kiss

A Philadelphia baby has a new lease on life after a kiss from Pope Francis. Parents and followers believe that Pope Francis cures cancer simply by kissing this ailing infant. It's the kiss Gianna Masciantonio's parents call the Miracle on ...
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Sodas speed up aging

Drinking sugary sodas has been proved to lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks. Now researchers have found evidence that the drinks could also speed up the body’s aging process. One of the signs of the aging process is that ...
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Lead Exposure And Crime

Lead Exposure And Crime – The Connection

The question has puzzled criminologists for decades: Why did violent crime rates start to soar across the U.S. from the 1960s, before beginning “a spectacular decline” in the 1990s—a decline that’s continued ever since? Theories abound, from improved policing strategies ...
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Barking Cop Makes Arrest

■ Police in New Haven, Conn., frightened a pair of suspected car thieves into surrendering by barking at them like dogs. The two masked men had holed up in an abandoned house, where police surrounded them and threatened to unleash ...
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OJ + cookies = trouble

■ O.J. Simpson was caught red-handed trying to steal more than a dozen cookies from a Nevada prison cafeteria, says the National Enquirer. The former gridiron great who is serving 33 years for armed robbery, was walking to his cell ...
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Naked Thief ISO Elvis, Beer, & TV

■ Georgia police have charged a man with carrying out several burglaries while wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. Johns Creek City Councilwoman Cori Davenport called 911 when she allegedly found nude thief Ashdon Gibbs, 21, in her home. "They're ...
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Yes, Women Are Drinking More These Days. Why?

"Trainwreck" hilariously depicts some sobering news: Alcohol consumption is on the rise among educated professional women. And in a high-pressure culture where workdays can end in rounds of drinks, collegial boozing is creating some tricky situations. For the young creatives ...
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Kim Jong Un reportedly took his own personal toilet to Singapore when he traveled there for the summit.  He said that he wanted to make sure that the CIA didn’t get any stool samples to check on his current health ...
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