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Autism Linked With Prenatal Exposure To Traffic Pollution

Babies exposed to air pollution in the womb are more likely to have autism than those whose mothers spend pregnancy in clean air, according to a new study. In the largest study of its kind, UCLA researchers compared levels of ...
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Troubling news for young stoners

The "stoner" stereotype isn't just a myth. Heavy use of marijuana in the teenage years dulls intelligence—and the loss of IQ points may last for life, according to a new study. Researchers tested the IQs of more than 1,000 New ...
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Antarctica Journal - Opioid Epidemic In America


There is an opioid epidemic in the US which has contributed to the deaths of Americans.  Approximately 1.5% of Americans have died from opioid overdoses which is more than the 1% of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.  In ...
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Dark matter is (probably) more complex than you think

Scientists typically believe that dark matter behaves in a simple way: if one clump encounters another, the two interact solely through gravity. However, researchers have published findings which suggest that there's more involved. They've noticed dark matter (the blue lines ...
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Deceased Dad's Son, Tanner Brownlee

Deceased Dad’s Son Gets Unexpected Gift

Tanner Brownlee and his brother, Chase, had been hoping to raise enough money to buy their deceased father's patrol car at a local auction following his death. Sam Brownlee, their father was killed in the line of duty five years ...
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Packaging materials causing autism

Autism caused by packaging chemicals?

Nine out of 10 Americans have a chemical called bisphenol A in their urine, said Nicholas D. Kristof. BPA, which can be found in plastic food containers, soup can linings, ATM receipts, and many other consumer products, is a proven ...
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70 Ways To Save The Earth

70 Ways To Save The Earth Unplug your electronics at night Certain electrical appliances need to be turned off at night instead of being left on "phantom power" - standby mode. An average home has about 40 products that drain ...
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Pope Francis Cures Cancer

Pope Francis Cures Cancer With Papal Kiss

A Philadelphia baby has a new lease on life after a kiss from Pope Francis. Parents and followers believe that Pope Francis cures cancer simply by kissing this ailing infant. It's the kiss Gianna Masciantonio's parents call the Miracle on ...
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Oakland Zoo Auctioning Off Artwork By Animals

The Oakland Zoo RAISED money for conservation by auctioning artwork created by giraffes, bats, elephants and other resident animals. Thirty-two works of art by more than 20 species are on auction on eBay. Click here to view the current auctions ...
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Our forests start to wake up during the Spring Season because warmer weather is upon us.  This time of year is for growing new buds that eventually grow into branches for new leaves. These buds store the energy over the ...
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