Mars-bound Astronauts Could Develop ‘Space Brain’

Mars-bound Astronauts Could Develop 'Space Brain'

Scientists performed a study on the effects of long periods spent in space to check on cognitive impairment.  They found that if humans are exposed to space radiation for long periods of time they could suffer from cognitive impairment – “Space Brain”.

Some private companies are working on getting some habitats that can transport astronauts to Mars in the next 15 years.  They are hoping that the new habitats will be able to keep the astronauts from getting radiation poison.  When astronauts get farther from the earth they are exposed to cosmic rays that can penetrate the spacecraft and human bodies.  ‘Space Brain’ breaks down the brain’s pre-frontal cortex which could diminish the astronaut’s decision-making behavior. This would cause them to not be able to perform their tasks and could not respond to any unanticipated events.  They may also become very anxious, have memory loss, and ability to adjust to changing situations at a moment’s notice.

The covering of the whole spaceship may be too expensive, so they are hoping to be able to have a safe zone inside the ship.