Song Lyrics – Space Inside (By Melissa R. Mendelson)

Space Inside

by, Melissa R. Mendelson


Close your eyes.

Wish the past away.

Please, just go away,

But it haunts me inside,

Chasing me down

Through the corridors

Of my now beating heart.


I want to disappear,

Forget the struggles

That brought me down,

But I hear them now,

Calling inside.

They’re crawling in the space,

Where I will always exist,

And I cannot hide.

I can feel them inside

My now beating heart.



Scars twist and turn.

They cut me open

To save my life,

Taking my heart in their hands.

They reached inside,

Finding the space

where I exist,

And I’m now alive,

Chased by the ghosts of the past

That would always find me inside.


Close my eyes.

I should be grateful that I am alive,

But in this hollow space,

Can you hear me calling you?

Love is still far out of reach,

And I’m alone,

Digging in deep,

Drawing blood,

Reaching for that space,

Where I would always hide.


What have I become

But the ghost that haunts this world still?

I just exist

In this space,

An echo outside and in,

And I want to be alive.

But I just exist

In this space inside.





The past is drifting like a beautiful, blue sea that I want to plunge in, falling in deep.  The water is my life, and I drink it in to fill all the emptiness inside.  But I cannot deny the ghosts that will chase me down into the space that I will always remain, the space that finds me inside.


Chorus: (Repeat Twice)


Author Bio:

Melissa R. Mendelson graduated college with both an AA in Liberal Arts and BA in Mass Communication: Critical Analysis. She was a Long Island news reporter from 2002 to 2004 and later went to work for the State of New York. She has written a variety of writing that continuously is published by the Antarctica Journal News, and she recently finished writing her first Horror/Sci-Fi novel, Lizardian, which can temporarily be found as an E-book on Amazon Kindle.