Book Release – State of Rage (By Gary Beck)

Gary Beck - State of Rage

State of Rage by Gary Beck For Immediate Release Murderous rampages prompt a young psychologist to decide to make a device that will detect disturbed individuals before they run amok. He starts a project that quickly grows and is funded by government and corporations. He falls in love with one of his colleagues and after threats and crises they commit […]

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Book Release – Transitions By Gary Beck

Book Release - Gary Beck - Transitions

Transitions by Gary Beck For Immediate Release Transitions is a poetry collection that looks at the rapid and gradual changes taking place in our society. We love the poems from Transitions. – Tower Journal An exciting collection. – Carcinogenic Poetry We are thrilled with the poems. – Poeming Pigeons Anthology The ideas are sharp and poignant. – Coup d’ Etat […]

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Book Release: Tremors – A Poetry Collection By Gary Beck

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Tremors A poetry collection by Gary Beck For Immediate Release   Poet Gary Beck once again captivates with his newest collection, Tremors. As a driving force for creative expression, outrage has dissipated and turned into complacency and disconnection. But his complicated life continues to present many disruptions that grow or diminish, but are often disturbing. And as we encounter these bumps in […]

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