Texas Boys Mow Lawn To Keep Elderly Woman Out Of Jail

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Riesel, Texas:

A group of young Texas boys helped to keep an elderly woman out of jail by mowing her unkempt lawn which had grown way above what city code allows.

Suttle says she never received the notice to appear in court regarding her lawn. As a result, Riesel police issued a warrant for the arrest of the 75-year-old property owner.

Unable to cut the lawn herself due to her age and health, Suttle was unsure of what would happen to her as a result. But that’s when four young heroes stepped in to save the day!

Even though the boys didn’t know Suttle, they decided to load up their mowers and come mow her lot. Their efforts inspired other neighbors to help as well, and by the end of the day the entire lawn had been mowed.

“That’s the least we could do,” Blaine Reynolds said.

Now that the grass is cut, Suttle will still have to go to court and speak to the judge about getting her warrant for failure to appear about the lawn dropped.