Water Flow returned to Mexican Part of Colorado River

2013 – Colorado River Delta, Mexico: Water began flowing in the Mexican part of the Colorado River for the first time in decades. Dams, including the Hoover Dam and the Morelos Dam, usually keep most of the river’s water in the U.S. and divert some to Tijuana and surrounding farmland. The joint U.S.- Mexican International Boundary and Water Commission authorized a big water release into the old river channel that meets the sea, as part of a five-year plan to revitalize the delta. The five-day gush, intended to mimic a spring flood from melted snow, attracted birds and other wildlife, as well as thrilled residents. “ I’m just so happy,” said farmer and environmentalist Juan Butron. “Areas that were once desert are now filled with water.”



Bringing Back the Colorado River Delta - 2013 | The New York Times

A new agreement between Mexico and the United States called Minute 319 will ensure more water flows into the Colorado River delta in Mexico, helping to restore parts of the once fertile region.

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Bringing Back the Colorado River Delta - 2013

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