2 Neutron Stars Collide in a Far-Off Galaxy

2 Neutron Stars Collide in a Far-Off Galaxy

A century ago Albert Einstein predicted that two neutron stars collided over 130 million years ago in his Theory of General Relativity.  He said that when it happened it caused gravitational waves (a ripple in the universe) that travel at the speed of light at the same time as gamma rays.  When gamma rays burst, they send out deadly radiation into the universe.

When two dead stars collide, its been discovered that they create precious elements like gold, platinum, silver and uranium, as well as heavy metals like lead.  At the time of this collision the dinosaurs were roaming the earth.

These gravitational waves have been detected by scientists five times on earth and were determined to be black holes crashing together in other galaxies. When the collisions occur, they set off sensors in space and on earth.  These sounds are known as Chirps and this time they lasted over a minute and a half.  Scientists say the collision happened about 11 billion years prior to discovery 130 million years ago sending elements across the universe.  This is known as a kilo-nova.  The rate of expansion of the universe may now be measured using this data.

According to scientists the stars were about 12 miles in diameter and so dense that only one teaspoon would have weighed over a billion tons.

The information will allow us to find out more about our universe and this is very exciting.