Coffee limits liver damage

Drinking three or more alcoholic beverages per day increases the likelihood of developing liver cancer, but research now suggests that drinking coffee may help offset that risk. In an ongoing analysis of cancer rates, scientists from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) looked at data from 34 previous studies involving 8 million adults, including 24,600 diagnosed with liver cancer. They […]

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Oakland Zoo Auctioning Off Artwork By Animals

The Oakland Zoo RAISED money for conservation by auctioning artwork created by giraffes, bats, elephants and other resident animals. Thirty-two works of art by more than 20 species are on auction on eBay. Click here to view the current auctions if any are presently listed. The Oakland Zoo brings the world of wildlife to children and families, featuring 400 exotic […]

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A depression breakthrough

A hallucinatory party drug could point the way to the first new treatments for depression in a generation. Scientists have discovered that ketamine (“Special K”), which club-goers take for dream-like highs, also improves mood disorders by repairing damaged connections in the brain. What’s more, ketamine works within hours as opposed to weeks— even for people whose mood disorders have proved […]

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Deceased Dad’s Son Gets Unexpected Gift

Deceased Dad's Son, Tanner Brownlee

Tanner Brownlee and his brother, Chase, had been hoping to raise enough money to buy their deceased father’s patrol car at a local auction following his death. Sam Brownlee, their father was killed in the line of duty five years earlier while working for the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. The two sons gathered thousands through their Gofundme page to buy […]

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The peril of domestic drones

Drone warfare is now coming to your own backyard, said Glenn Greenwald. Local police have begun using unmanned Predator drones like those used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to conduct surveillance of criminal suspects right here in the U.S. This chilling step toward “a Surveillance State”—without the public’s knowledge or consent— was revealed last week by the Los Angeles Times, which […]

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