Arctic Sea Ice Stops Another Ship

The Arctic Sea Ice has captured another ship with Climate Change Warriors aboard.  While the 16 passengers of the MS Malmo were taken off the ship via helicopters for safety the 7 crew members stayed aboard to wait for the Coast Guard to assist them.  Among the 16 passengers there was a film crew documenting the climate change and the melting Arctic Ice and some tourists.  The ship was rescued halfway between Norway and the North Pole near the Longyearben, Svalbard Archipelago.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time that a ship has been captured by the sea ice.  It happened to the Kronprins Haakon, Norway’s polar research vessel before it could finish its summer expedition.  Since 2017 six ships have been caught in the sea ice and one of them was in Antarctica.

Before these ships head out on these expeditions they should get in contact with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) to find out if it is safe to go out there.  The DMI have been reporting on the conditions of the sea ice areas since 2010.