Grandma orcas know best

Like many human families, killer whales often rely on the wisdom of matriarchs to help them endure hardships and thrive, new research has found. Male orcas usually live for about 50 years, but females often survive well into their 90s, making them one of the few mammalsthat live for decades after they stop reproducing.   Marine scientists studied the behavior […]

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Evergreen Trees at risk in Southwest U.S.

Evergreen trees

A research paper published in Nature Climate Change predicts widespread death of needleleaf evergreen trees (NET) within the Southwest United States by the year 2100 under projected global warming scenarios. The research team that conducted the study, which includes University of Delaware’s Sara Rauscher, considered both field results and a range of validated regional predictions and global simulation models of […]

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Cleaning Up China’s Dirty Streets

“The Chinese need to learn that public spaces aren’t garbage dumps”, said Raymond Zhou. During a recent national holiday, visitors dropped a staggering 32 tons of litter in Tiananmen Square in just four days. Beijing’s army of street cleaners rushed in and quickly cleaned up the mess. But large areas of the country don’t have those resources, and by the […]

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Coral reefs continue to die until carbon output drops

Scientists have concluded for the last decade that more-acidic seas have been harming coral, making it more difficult for coral reefs to grow or regenerate themselves. Conducting an experiment over the course of 22 days, scientists flooded Australia’s Great Barrier Reef with an antacid. They found that by lowering the water’s acidity, it caused the coral to grow. Research has […]

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