Brides Being Trafficked to China

Brides Being Trafficked to China - Antarctica News

A young girl not from China was forced into a marriage to a man that she didn’t know.  She also didn’t know the language, so she was not totally aware that she was married and because her husband forced himself on her she was also pregnant.  Since the girl was only 16 she didn’t know that she was going to have a baby. There is an ongoing epidemic of brides being trafficked to China.

China has a policy that the families are to only have “one child” and if it is a girl they are to get rid of the baby before it is born.   This “one child” policy has been praised by the Chinese government because it has prevented the country of having a population explosion.  It also has caused the country to not have enough girls to marry all the boys that are now men.  Because of this unequal male/female population the country has now started to bring women/girls from other countries to mate with their males.  This has resulted in brides being trafficked to China. Some of these brides are being trafficked into the country without knowing that they are going to be married to someone that they don’t know.  The gender imbalance started back in 2004.  These families of all these boys now men have figured out that since there are no women in their country to marry their sons their family line will die out.

Most of the population is not aware of this situation of brides being trafficked to China.  This has been taking place in China starting in 2013.  A couple of minor girls were promised jobs but as it turned out one day they were taken from their homes and told that they were on their way to work.  They were actually put in a van and drugged with pills and injections so that they would not remember.  Turned out the pills and injections also heightened their sexuality.  These girls were then beaten and told that the place of their employment had closed.  A very long trip ensued where they were locked in rooms, checked out by Chinese men, and then sold.  They were told that they could pick from the men that were going to buy them.  The girls tried to run away a few times but were always found because they didn’t really know where to go.

Eventually the two girls were rescued from their husbands and returned to their homelands.  The “one child” policy has become less stringent over the last couple of years.