Bus Sized Dinosaur Found

Bus Sized Dinosaur Found - Antarctica Journal News
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Researchers have found a bus sized dinosaur. A new species of sauropod that lived about 80 million years ago in Egypt.  Paleontologists found the remains in the Sahara Desert of the bus size dinosaur that measured approximately 33 feet long and weighed approximately 5.5 tons.  This long necked, long tailed herbivorous was named Mansourasaurus Shahinae.  It is known that the dinosaurs were killed off during the period of Late Cretaceous (100 to 66 million years ago) when an asteroid hit the earth.

During the Triassic and Jurassic periods, the continents were together and then the Cretaceous period came, and the continents started to split apart.  The bus sized dinosaurs were suspected to also migrate to different parts of Africa.  Some went closer to the European and Asian area and then some stayed in the southern Africa area.  Scientists believe that if the continents were still connected during the Cretaceous period the animals would have similar anatomies to those of the neighboring areas.

As it turns out it is very difficult to find dinosaur fossils in Africa due to its lush vegetation.  Dinosaurs are very easily found in areas of the US Rocky Mountains, Gobi Desert in Mongolia, or the Patagonia area of Argentina and Chile.  That’s what makes this discovery of the Mansourasaurus Shahinae bus sized dinosaur very critical to Egyptian and African paleontology.