How Addiction Affects Offspring

When laboratory rats abuse cocaine, they produce offspring that are less susceptible to addiction, according to the Los Angeles Times. This surprising genetic twist emerged from a study done at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, which found that male pups with cocaine-addicted fathers were less likely to want the drug and more resistant to its effects. By contrast, […]

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Smoking Causes Schizophrenia in Newborns

Smoking Associated with Schizophrenia in Newborns

In a study of women who smoke and their pregnancies they determined that there is a large possibility that the infant may have develop schizophrenia.  Researchers found that if the women smoked cigarettes or used smokeless tobacco this could also occur.  Some of the infants may have low birth weight, preterm delivery, and the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome.  […]

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Does soda make kids violent?

Drinking soda, long known to contribute to childhood obesity, may also have a negative effect on childhood behavior. Columbia University researchers interviewed the parents of about 3,000 5-year-olds in 20 cities about their children’s soda consumption and behavior. They found that 43 percent of the children drank at least one soda per day, and that 4 percent drank four servings […]

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