Does Painkiller Dull Empathy?

Acetominophen Warning

If you take Acetaminophen for pain you may also be dulling your empathy.  Over 50 million people take acetaminophen for their pain every week, but it may also dull your sensitivity to others pain and distress.  After taking 1000mg of acetaminophen students were given eight articles to read about very sad family situations.  In this study they showed very low […]

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Skynet is watching

The Chinese government has revealed that it has a nationwide surveillance system to track dissidents, and it bears the same name as the evil computer network that tries to destroy humanity in the Terminator movies. Skynet, begun in 2005, has at least 20 million cameras installed across the country in public places, including on buses and streets, and outside dissidents’ […]

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Police in Japan have reported that crime is at a minimum and that they have nothing to do.  They say that there has only been one gun homicide since 2015 when they made firearms illegal.   Gun control is the major reason for this low homicide rate.  Japanese Law states that no person is allowed to own a firearm or sword.  […]

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Autism caused by packaging chemicals?

Packaging materials causing autism

Nine out of 10 Americans have a chemical called bisphenol A in their urine, said Nicholas D. Kristof. BPA, which can be found in plastic food containers, soup can linings, ATM receipts, and many other consumer products, is a proven “endocrine disruptor”—a substance that mimics or alters human hormones. Studies have already linked BPA to breast cancer, diabetes, and hyperactivity, […]

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Dolphins in distress

Dead and dying bottlenose dolphins are washing up along the Mid-Atlantic coast at an alarming rate. Since June, more than 120 dolphins have appeared on beaches from New York to Virginia—seven times the typical number. Early this month, the National Marine Fisheries Service declared the strandings “an unusual mortality event” requiring immediate attention. “All indications show there’s something serious going […]

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