Mystery looms over loud booms

5.0 01 Clintonville, Wis. A series of underground booms and explosions rattled the nerves of residents in this small city this week, sending police and public officials searching for a cause. Resident Al Miller likened the sounds to “a heavy-duty thunderstorm,” while a neighbor said it “sounded like a bomb had gone off.” On three successive nights, loud sonic disturbances […]

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Our culture’s worship of celebrity

5.0 02 It was in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age that the modern concept of celebrity was born, said George Packer. But if the worship of gaudy wealth and fame began in The Great Gatsby era, we’ve taken it to new, “perverse” heights in 21st-century America. Today, celebrity demigods dominate every field: There are celebrity chefs, bankers, computer engineers, chief […]

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Overdosing On Exercise – Harmful Extreme Workouts

Harmful Extreme Workouts

4.0 01 Training for a marathon and other extreme workouts may be more harmful than healthy. After reviewing over 50 studies, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that more than an hour of intense aerobic activity per day put runners and cyclists at heightened risk of serious heart problems, including an irregular heartbeat, clogged arteries, and scarring. Habitual marathon runners […]

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Three Unavoidable Health Hazards

4.2 05 Worrying about everyday problems will shorten your life. A British study found that people who reported feeling even mild anxiety—the sort that distracted them, depleted their self-confidence, or occasionally kept them awake at night were 16 percent more likely to die over a 10-year period than people with no such concerns. About one in four people experiences mild […]

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Inequality: Why the poor are getting poorer

4.5 02 Why is America a nation of growing inequality? The yawning economic and cultural gap between the well-to-do and the working class—now wider than at almost any point in our history—has academics and pundits searching for explanations. Now, a new Harvard study provides an illuminating—and “horrifying”—insight into what’s going on. The affluent and the working classes, the study found, […]

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