Environmentally friendly Easter Ideas

Environmentally friendly Easter

Easter is hopping up this coming Sunday. If you are putting together Easter baskets or giving Easter gifts this year, here are some eco-hacks so you can have a more environmentally friendly Easter celebration: 1. Check your chocolate and candies: When you are purchasing candy for an environmentally friendly Easter — or at any other time, for that matter — […]

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Finding the Higgs boson

Forty-eight years after British physicist Peter Higgs predicted its existence, the Higgs boson was finally spotted by scientists at the CERN lab in Geneva.The “God particle” explains the existence of mass and backs up the Standard Model, the foundational theory of modern physics. “For physicists, this is the equivalent of Columbus discovering America,” says physicist Themis Bowcock. The Higgs is […]

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Google Glass: Wearing the Internet

Google Glass is no longer a rumor, said Tim Parker in Forbes.com. “It’s real.” The company unveiled a prototype of its Internet-equipped eyeglasses last week, announcing that it would give a selected bunch of “bold, creative individuals” the chance to purchase the first version this year for $1,500. The futuristic spectacles have a tiny screen located in the top right-hand […]

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