China Law Says Children Must Not Ignore Parents

China Law Says Children Must Not Ignore Parents
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Most of China’s adult children work and live over a thousand miles from their elderly parents which makes it hard to visit on a regular basis.  The new law called “Elderly Rights Law” says that adult children must maintain contact with their parents regularly or they will be fined or detained.  In order for this law to be enforced the parents must file a complaint against their children.  If the adult children fail at visiting their parents on their own, the court may give them an order to visit their parents at home at set dates during the month.

Most citizens would visit their parents more often if the didn’t have to work to make a living.  If their bosses would let them have time off to visit their parents would be ideal.  The problem is increasing the more parents are aging.  Citizens over the age of 60 is about 178 million and may increase by double in 2030.

The law came about due to some of the elderly being either put out of their homes by their families, made to sleep in a pig sty with the pigs on a farm, or a grandmother being beat up just for asking for some food.

Most of China doesn’t support this law.