Chinese Man Marries a Robot

Chinese Man Marries a Robot

Since a Chinese engineer has found it difficult to find love he decided to build and marry his own robot bride.  He was getting tired of getting pressured from his family and friends to get married so he decided to make his own wife.  He dated her for over two months and then got married at a ceremony attended by his mother and friends.  Even though his union had all the traditions of a typical Chinese wedding it is not recognized by the Chinese government.

Because of the one-child policy in China there is a big gender gap of 113.5 men to 100 women.  Most the men of China will not be able to marry due to this large gap.

His new wife is not able to walk by herself, so he has to carry her wherever they go.  At a later time, he is going to upgrade her to walk and do housework.  Does he also plan to age her while he is aging?

Most people in China believe that this is just a publicity stunt.