Cigar-shaped UFO Zipped Past Earth

Cigar-shaped UFO Zipped Past Earth
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Astronomers and Scientists have discovered an asteroid from another solar system has traveled past the Earth on its long journey through space.  This asteroid has been named Oumuamua (Hawaiian for “messenger from afar arriving first”) and was first observed back in 2017.  The high-powered telescope that found this object is located in Hawaii.  It has been estimated that the asteroid is metallic or rocky with a dark red surface and to be 1312 feet in length and 131 feet in width.   They have suggested that the reason of the red color is that it has collided with other space particles on its travels.  It seems to be traveling through our solar system at a speed of 98,000 miles an hour.  Astronomers believe that at that rate of speed it was originally from a place outside of our solar system that is light-years away.

Scientists have long struggled with the question of what this UFO actually is.  When this asteroid was discovered they thought that it might be an alien spaceship or probe from outer space because of its close proximity to earth.

Astronomers suggest that we may have been having interstellar visitors passing through our solar system undetected for years.