Cosmic Collision from Billions of Years Ago

Cosmic Collision from Billions of Years Ago - Antarctica Journal News

Scientists predict that we may have a cosmic collision which will cause space fireworks and launch us into exile. We do have some time before this will happen so we can prepare ourselves.  According to astrophysicists we could be threatened by an asteroid smashing into earth in the distant future.   We may not be able to survive a collision between two galaxies that will launch us out into interstellar space.

This cosmic collision prediction comes after they received some signals from space that a collision happened over 130 billion years ago.  Scientists say that we might have an impact from our neighbor Andromeda Galaxy in the next 8 billion years or it might happen sooner with a smaller galaxy of Large Magellanic Cloud at 2 billion years.  They have found that the smaller galaxy may be slowing down their orbit due to the gravitational pull of the Milky Way.

The Black Hole of the Milky Way may grow to be larger by feeding on the gas caused by the collision.  When this cosmic collision happens, it will be very spectacular to view, and it will be so far out that it may not affect life on earth.