Floating Island Made Out Of Plastic – Pacific Paradise.

Floating Island Made Out Of Plastic
A floating island made out of plastic the size of Hawaii made entirely from plastic bottles could become the hottest postcode on earth, and is part of an incredible environmental vision for the future.

CGI images show how a team of Dutch scientists plan to take 44 million kilos of plastic waste currently bobbing around in the Pacific Ocean and transform it into Recycled Island.

Solar and wave energy will be used to sustain the island and its 500,000 inhabitants.


The floating habitat will be constructed from 44 million kilos of plastic waste currently bobbing in the Pacific Ocean.


A spokesman for the project said: ‘The proposal has three main aims; cleaning our oceans

from a gigantic amount of plastic waste; creating new land; and constructing a sustainable habitat.

‘Recycled Island seeks the possibilities to recycle the plastic waste on the spot and to recycle it into a floating entity.’

The Pacific Ocean currently holds the largest amount of plastic waste in the world. Ocean currents keep the plastic in the sea in giant rubbish dumps, which are fatal to sea life.

Sea birds, like the giant Albatross, see the plastic as food and fish too eat smaller pieces of it.

Designers plan to model the island on the waterways of Venice, Italy.

Designers plan to model the island on the waterways of Venice, Italy.


The team plans to recycle plastic on the spot – in the North Pacific Gyre – into hollow, floating blocks.

These will become the foundation blocks to the 10,000 square kilometre (3,861 square mile) island.

Alongside the modern city, planners hope to create a large area preserved for agriculture.

The island will be designed as self-sufficient, providing food and work for the inhabitants.

The spokesman added: ‘Recycled Island should be seen as a unique opportunity to create a new floating habitat from scratch, yet at the same time the ocean is cleaned from a huge part of its plastic pollution.’


Inhabitants on the island will be entirely self-sufficient – as this CGI of seaweed cultivation suggests.

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