Jet Stream - Antarctica Journal
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Climate change, not just increasing atmospheric temperatures, has been affecting the Jet Stream.   When the Jet Stream travels across from the West to the East over the Northern Hemisphere in normal conditions the weather is not greatly affected, but because of the climate change it has been slowing down and causing massive heat waves and flooding.   When the jet stream slows down the whole region will be under the same weather pattern for long periods of time, causing droughts, flooding, and heat waves.  In the US some of the states were hit with massive heatwaves and across the pond in Europe they were suffering from flooding.  An international team of researchers used simulators and temperature records and found that the stalls are increasing and causing the Arctic to warm up faster than the rest of the planet.  When there is a large temperature difference between the Equator and the Arctic it tends to cause winds to blow faster.   Global Warming is upon us, we need to help the planet to survive.