Neanderthal Genes Influence Humans

Back about 40,000 years ago the Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens coexisted for several thousand years in Eurasia.  Researchers have found that during the coexistence they were able to breed.  Humans that are not of African heritage do show Neanderthal DNA throughout their homo sapien genes.  A study shows that about 40% of Neanderthal genes are contained in modern human genes. They didn’t’ look exactly like homo sapiens – they had shorter legs, broader chests, and their brains looked different. Looking different by way of being elongated.  Neanderthals shared more than where they came from, they also walked the same, made bone tools, and also were making jewelry.

During the first two years of growth the skull is soft and thin and if the brain grows a fast rate it will become round.  If the brain grows slowly in the thin skull it will become elongated due to the skull getting thicker and less resistant as we age.  Thus, looking more Neanderthal.  This elongated brain may be associated to the slow motor control that is needed for speech development.  What shape the brain takes on show the differences between modern humans and Neanderthals behavior.  More studies are needed to find out the differences between the species.