Eyeball Licking -Japanese Craze

Eyeball Licking

Japanese schoolchildren have been swept up in a new craze— eyeball licking. The bizarre practice, known as “worming” supposedly is an expression of intimacy, and was sparked by a music video in which a woman licks the lead singer’s eye. Ophthalmologists warned that the practice is causing scratched corneas and infections that could lead to blindness. But Japanese teens have […]

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Does Wi-Fi damage sperm?

If you’re worried about infertility, don’t try to Google the term with a computer on your lap, says the London Telegraph. A new experiment suggests that radiation from a single Wi-Fi-enabled laptop may be strong enough to cause cell damage in sperm. Argentine researchers took samples of ejaculated semen and left them directly under a computer—simulating holding a laptop directly […]

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Barking Cop Makes Arrest

■ Police in New Haven, Conn., frightened a pair of suspected car thieves into surrendering by barking at them like dogs. The two masked men had holed up in an abandoned house, where police surrounded them and threatened to unleash their canine units. But since there were no police dogs available, officers woofed like angry German shepherds. The suspects quickly […]

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Kim Jong Un reportedly took his own personal toilet to Singapore when he traveled there for the summit.  He said that he wanted to make sure that the CIA didn’t get any stool samples to check on his current health conditions.  Apparently, it was not paranoia because the CIA was reported to have done this to the Soviet leaders Gorbachev […]

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Inmate Busted After Taking Pot Selfie

A Polish prisoner triggered a crackdown on other inmates after he posted a photo of a large cannabis plant that he’d grown in his cell. To boast about his green thumb, Dozy Zendarski took a selfie with the plant using a smuggled smartphone and posted it to Facebook. When it went viral, prison officials searched the entire jail and seized […]

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