News From Above

Giant snails

Miami South Florida is battling a growing infestation of one of the world’s most destructive invasive species: the giant African land snail. At least 1,000 of the snails are being caught each week \ in Miami-Dade County, and a total ...
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The rise of ‘drunkorexia’

A scary new trend among college students combines starvation with binge drinking, says Researchers say “drunkorexia” now affects as many as one in four college students, who diet all day so that they can drink at night without gaining ...
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Becoming Barbie

■    A California woman is getting plastic surgery to become a real-life Barbie—and hypno-therapy to make her as dumb as a doll. "I just want to be the  ultimate Barbie," said Blondie Bennett, 38. "Being brainless is a big part ...
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U.S. judge says monkey cannot own copyright to selfie

A rare crested macaque that took a now internationally famous "selfie" cannot own the copyright to the photograph because he is not human, a U.S. judge ruled in a suit brought by animal rights group PETA on behalf of the ...
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Mars Close Approach 2018

See Mars Without A Telescope on July 31st

On July 31st, 2018 Mars will be the closest to the Earth than it's been since 2003. It won't pass this close to Earth again until September 15th, 2035. So mark the date, and be sure to check it out ...
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Chile’s Raging Wildfires

Conguillfo, Chile Wildfires are raging out of control in some of Chile’s oldest protected forests. Hundreds of acres of old growth have been destroyed in Conguillfo National Park, which is known for its centuries-old “monkey puzzle” trees. This is a ...
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Giant Meteor Gets 13% of American Votes Over Trump or Clinton

Americans have expressed extreme frustration with their main choices in the 2016 presidential election. They've either got Hillary Clinton, the Wall Street boosting autocrat or the outspoken Donald Trump. As a test to see exactly how dissatisfied the American public ...
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Header Photo - Tom Fabbri, World Wrangler

Tom Fabbri, World Wrangler – Antarctica And Beyond

Exclusive interview with Modern Day Adventurer, Tom Fabbri Many people consider the sky to be the limit, but for some, the sky is just the beginning. Having experienced life at it's lowest of lows and faced all of the emotions ...
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Environmentally friendly Easter

Environmentally friendly Easter Ideas

Easter is hopping up this coming Sunday. If you are putting together Easter baskets or giving Easter gifts this year, here are some eco-hacks so you can have a more environmentally friendly Easter celebration: 1. Check your chocolate and candies: ...
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Finding the Higgs boson

Forty-eight years after British physicist Peter Higgs predicted its existence, the Higgs boson was finally spotted by scientists at the CERN lab in Geneva.The "God particle" explains the existence of mass and backs up the Standard Model, the foundational theory ...
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