Oceans are dying

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Oceans are dying due to…

– sewage

– radiation

– heating up

– acidity

– dumping

– overfishing


If we do not become more proactive about the longevity of our planet’s resources and the lives of all creatures, then we may very well be our own ultimate demise. So many factors effect our planet’s sea life to the point where it’s inhabitants are abandoning their own “world”, choosing death over having to live in such conditions.

We need to take our arguments, debates, and calculations and turn them into prominent actions. These problems will not be solved by simply talking about them. They require immediate attention. The human race needs to realize that we can not take our resources for granted forever. What we do today is the only thing that insures our tomorrow.

That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to go out into the ocean and figure out the solution all by themselves. Our efforts can start at home. Recycle your plastic and paper items. Drive an ecologically-friendly car, stop flushing medications, etc. Everyone can do something!!