Does Pluto Have a Hidden Ocean?

Does Pluto Have a Hidden Ocean

Scientists have been looking into Pluto’s possibility of having an ocean under its icy (a minus 380 degrees Fahrenheit) surface according to NASA’s New Horizon mission.  This finding may shed some light on the internal world of Pluto.  It has always been thought that Pluto was a frigid planet totally frozen over.  They have discovered that Pluto may have an […]

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Could we talk with whales?

Human-like sounds made by a captive beluga whale suggest that cetaceans could learn to mimic our voices, and perhaps even converse with us. Researchers at the National Marine Mammal Foundation first noticed in the 1980s that one of their whales was attempting to copy the speech patterns of his handlers and they began recording his human-like vocalizations. Recently, they analyzed […]

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Oceans are dying

Oceans are dying due to… – sewage – radiation – heating up – acidity – dumping – overfishing   If we do not become more proactive about the longevity of our planet’s resources and the lives of all creatures, then we may very well be our own ultimate demise. So many factors effect our planet’s sea life to the point […]

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