Plastic Crisis Resolution

Solve the Plastic Crisis

The European Parliament has put in to affect a ban on single use plastics to battle the plastic crisis.  The new law would make it so that all plastic will need to be recyclable by the year 2030.  Europe will not be importing any foreign products for recycling.  By doing this they plan on creating business opportunities like the way that plastic products are designed and recycled.

To reduce the plastic from getting into the oceans and diminish the plastic crisis we need to reduce the plastic waste by recycling and reusing more.  Prince Charles and others held a conference on how to stop millions of tons of plastic waste polluting our oceans.  Europe is one of the biggest plastic waste producers of over 25 millions tons a year of which less than 30% is recyclable.

They would like to get the parents involved in letting their children know that it takes over 500 years to degrade a plastic straw.  Getting the children involved now will help with the recycling and reducing of plastic waste in the future.

Europe would eventually like to reduce the use of micro-plastics that are used in cosmetics and other products that eventually get into the body through food.  This will be a great opportunity for Europe to develop new technologies and materials for a better future.