Poem – Taming The Beast (By Tracey Koehler)

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Taming The Beast


He found her frozen body on the path he took to prowl. Drawn to her sheer beauty, he dropped his kill and stood in awe.

Captivating. Alluring.

The sun shown on her diamond glinted face. frost covered and illuminating the dimming forest space.

His beastly heart softened and a tear slid down his cheek. His eyes, dark and warm, we’re filled with sympathy.

He picked her up quite gently and wrapped her in his cloak, mindful of her delicacy, she was completely froze. His big large, mitten hands held this captivating creature.

He made his trek quite quickly to get her to shelter. Her life force surely fading, not much more could she endure. The reclusive cabin ahead; looking very uninviting and obscure. Opening the door, he carried her inside. Next to the heated hearth, he made a pallet for her to lie. Her lifeless body, still; his hope was getting thin. He placed a tender hearted kiss upon her cold, pale skin. tears spilled yet again at the situation, grim.

He held her in his arms, all through the dreary night, in the cozy, fire warmed cabin, his heart beating with pure fright.

Morning’s sun arose and woke the beast that morn. He looked down at his lovely beauty, a rosy glow on her face shown. His heart was filled with love, he had never felt before. And he vowed that he would love her for all of evermore.

tk ~ Blood Stained Lips


Author Bio: Tracey Koehler

After 25 years of silence, I gained the courage to pick the pen back up. About a month ago, I created a page on Facebook called “Blood Stained Lips”. The naming of the page originated from two things: surviving years of physical and mental abuse, and the fiery passion in my soul. When it comes right down to it, I’m just a small town Indiana girl sharing the chaotic rantings of my heart and soul.