Poem – The Musician’s Testament (By David Russell)

The Musician’s Testament “Being a living legend is such a precarious livelihood. What a ducking of responsibility!” (John Cale) “Success means being worried about everything else except money” (Johnny Cash) I’m putting down this last eyewitness account leading up to zero hour because all the registers have gone into the red; everything’s going to blow. If I am stopped in […]

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Poem – Hi-Tech Times (By Gary Beck)

Hi-Tech Times   In every hand an Iphone owner busy talking, texting, an innovative comfort allowing constant communication anytime, anywhere subject to interruption of cellular service, yet more and more prevalent facilitating contact, no matter what the content.   Gary Beck/Ignition Point ‘Ignition Point’ is an unpublished poetry collection that looks at some of the struggles and tensions of our […]

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Poem – Travelogue (By Gary Beck)

Travelogue   Voyagers no longer disembark at decayed seaports, piers rotting where sturdy ships once docked delivering the wealthy the hopeful, travel plans replaced by accommodating airlines getting us to destinations so quickly there’s no transition between coming and going, just adaptation to climate change, time change, when we conclude our journey.   This poem is part of a collection […]

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