Russian Spy Whale

Russian Spy Whale - Antarctica News Journal

A beluga whale has decided that it doesn’t want to leave a Norwegian port.  It has decided that humans are something to play with.  Russian Spy Whale On the harness there was an inscription – Property of St. Petersburg.  A Russian spy whale? Since beluga don’t usually like being around humans it was very strange to spot this one outside their boat in port.  Beluga whales are very shy when they are around humans or other animals.  When they become isolated they seem to become more trusting.

Authorities believe that this beluga whale has defected from serving as a Russian Spy Whale.  The Russian Defense Ministry denies that it has beluga whales being used to spy.  Researchers found an advertisement back in 2016 asking for two female and three male bottlenose dolphins.  The price they were offering to pay was approximately $24,000.  Since the annexation of Crimea from Russia there has been a lot of speculation that Russia has put submarines, jets, on the outskirts of Europe and some strange troop movements.  One of the unidentified jets almost collided with a passenger plane.

In the 1950’s the US tried to use sea mammals for military purposes.  So, if the Norwegians need any advice they should ask the US for help.  According to the US Navy they don’t use the sea mammals to spy – they are used to find sea mines, collect items from the ocean floor, and supply intelligence for the military divers.

Because this whale has been taught by humans for a very long time it may become injured at some point.  It has been recommended to the Norwegian authorities to send it to a sanctuary where it will be safe and taken care of.  This needs to be acted upon soon for the health and well-being of the Russian spy whale.  The whale may not be able to fend for itself if it was to be returned to its natural habitat.