Short Fiction – Angel In the Drive Thru (By Lynn Long)

I think an angel might be working the drive thru window of my local McDonald’s.  I’m not for sure, but I’ve had my suspensions now for some time. One might wonder,”why I feel this way?” I question the feeling myself, for nothing in our interaction is beyond the normal pleasantries. I am always greeted with a kind smile and an exchange of “how are you today?” followed by the same reply (hers) “better than good,” it never varies from those exact words. Now I am not implying that common courtesy and great customer skills make one an angel.  However, there is something beyond this pleasant exchange, a feeling of genuine kindness, a peaceful aura perhaps that leaves me believing I have indeed just spoken with an angel.

 One morning I inquired about her cheery disposition as I was feeling quite gloomy in the moment, so I asked, “Why do you always reply with “better than good,” when I ask how you are?”  Her response was so perfect and yet so honest, “What else is there to be?” she answered.  I pondered her words throughout the rest of my day and came to the very real conclusion: what else indeed?

Which led me to think, with all the violence and negativity being touted within our world, there really is so much goodness too. For is it not in the small random acts of kindness, that make up what life is truly all about? Deep down most people I feel are inherently good, some have just lost their way. I believe angels are among us, helping to guide us on the path of peace and happiness, shining their light, reminding us we are all one in unity.  So… next time you visit the drive-thru say hello to an angel…


Author Bio: - James Jabbour (edited "On the high dive of life")