Short Story – Unfriendly Skies (By Melissa R. Mendelson)

Unfriendly Skies by, Melissa R. Mendelson   The sky was portrait blue.  White clouds graced across it.  The sun dipped in and out.  Black strokes of bird swayed into view.  The world was quiet and disappeared down below, and all the strangers sat like porcelain dolls, lost inside their minds.  Only the engines rumbled, and voices crackled over the radio.  […]

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Short Fiction – Rape of The Lock (By Opaniyi Samuel Oluwawumi)

            RAPE OF THE LOCK          OPANIYI SAMUEL OLUWAWUMI   Yemisi was nice to me. Nkechi just left me for no cause. We were already thinking of marriage and I just newly got a Big-Daddy Toyota Camry Car then; she had cream colour like Kabria’s Creamy in Darko’s Faceless. I was deeply at six and seven when Nkechi, a lady […]

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