Short Fiction – The Dragon and the Wolf (By Lynn Long)

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Once, not so long ago, there was a very sad dragon who spent all her lonely days deep in slumber within her cave. She ventured outside only to wish upon the sparkling white lights that filled an ebony sky. There, beneath the pale lights, lost in memories, the dragon would dream of a world in which she soared high into the sky, igniting the stars with her mighty roar. So real did the dream seem to her, that she would lie awake all night under the stars, until the moon kissed the sun good morning.  But alas it was just a dream, for the dragon had forgotten who she was. Her spirit gone, she could only imagine such wonders until the day a mysterious lone wolf appeared. The color of gold with eyes as black as midnight, he happened upon her cave and heard her cries.

“Tell me dear dragon, why do you cry so? The day is beautiful, will you not come out and see for yourself?” “Mmmph,” was the dragons reply, “I have no time for such nonsense, please be on your way.” “As you wish,” was the wolf’s reply, and he bid her farewell. The next day he returned, and once again he reminded the dragon that the day was beautiful and she need only come out to see. Once again, she wished him on his way.

On the third day however, when the wolf asked her, “Is today the day, my friend, that you will see the beauty within?” the dragon stayed silent but waited until she thought the wolf had gone, and slipped outside for just a peek. The sun was shining ever bright, trees stood tall in their splendor, and fields of lavender blew in the breeze.  Indeed, the day was beautiful, and she spread her wings in the sun’s warmth and felt her weary soul lift just a bit.

The wolf sat quietly behind the trees watching the dragon in her reverie, and smiled. “Dear dragon,” he said, when he felt it was the right time to come out, “I see you have discovered the beauty I speak of.”  The dragon, mortified at being caught enjoying the moment, was infuriated. “How dare you speak to me? I simply came outside for a bit of warmth and nothing more!”

 The wolf  laughed such a deep and glorious laugh, that the dragon could not help but to laugh along in spite of herself.   “Stubborn you are,” said the wolf, “Tell me, why are you so sad that you spend your days alone in a dark cave?

The dragon was quiet for just a moment, and then she told him about her dreams beneath the moon and stars. How only there, did she feel true happiness and wonder what it would be like to fly high into the night and breathe fire with might. The wolf laughed once more. “Dragon, your dreams can come true when you can see the beauty within you.” “Is this true? she asked.   “Yes, but you must believe. You must have faith. You must be you, the very best you, in all your glory.” The wolf then told her that tonight the moon would be full. “We will sit beneath its light and watch the stars shine as you find your inner strength and courage to believe.”

 When the sun rose the next morning, it was time for the wolf to bid the dragon adieu. “I must finish my journey, but it was lovely to have met you,” he said.

“No!” the dragon cried, “You cannot leave for I will miss you so. Please stay. ”The wolf smiled knowingly and said, “But I must go dear dragon. I must be on my way.”

“What will I do without you?” “I am always here,” the wolf gently touched the dragon’s heart. “For we are one so we are never really apart.”

The dragon thanked him kindly and wished him well on his journey, forever grateful.




Legend says when the moon is full and the stars are bright, a lone wolf is heard howling into the night as a dragon soars high above the sky igniting stars with her mighty roar.

Author Bio: - James Jabbour (edited "On the high dive of life")