Poem – “FOUR” CAST (By Ray Gallucci)

  “FOUR” CAST   The earth’s been here four billion years, But humans mere four million. How often has the atmosphere Received a “global killing?”   Have comets many seared the skies, Volcanoes oft erupted? What oceans parched till desert-dry And climates left disrupted?   How many times has planet warmed, Engorged with greenhouse gasses, While glaciers melted and reformed […]

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Poem – DO-OVER (By Ray Gallucci)

  DO-OVER (Inspired while watching “United 93,” the one flight that was prevented by its heroic passengers from fulfilling its mission of murder on September 11, 2001)     If you could go back To one time and place, Stop accursed attack On the human race, Could you simply choose (Knowing what you know) Holocaust of Jews? Nine-eleven’s blow?   […]

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