Poem – SEDUCTION IN SILICON (By Joseph Cavera)

SEDUCTION IN SILICON (By Joseph Cavera)   Cerulean shines capture my eyes in curvaceous well-fashioned shapes the likes of which my dreams can only dream of, teetering along the lines of slipping into her artificial façade, her smooth hips and luscious lips of lighter tones, silicon strips replace her bones, meld with mine in seductive shattering, surreal captivating symmetry, her […]

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Poem – EVE (By Joseph Cavera)

EVE (By Joseph Cavera)   it was christmas eve, and all through the streets, wind echoes without grace, telling me to leave ..for a better place.   yet I arose to see a snowy sight, crystals rose up in the sky shining down refracted light such beauty, a frozen cry left behind by the Man up there and still is […]

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