Poem – EVERGREEN TERRACE (By Joseph Cavera)



What is this, this dance of life

While we slide and step around pain of strife

The music slowly plays

To dj for all of us the measure of our days

I love the way these chords echo throughout me


I haven’t sensed a sight of such a nature since then,

It can be found in the darkest fen, and when

You look into the space in which the autotrophs lie

The foliage will bring a tear to that stoic eye

And your thoughts will remain with the steps

Of the notes over which your soul

Laughs and dotes, to fill the whole

Of the piece you left behind

All those days ago.


The Light forgot to give a warning,

“Look Out Below!”

The beauty of this terrace

Is a grand one,

I thought you should know.

For the winds will recess,

And the storms will blow

Until the music and rhythm

Fall back into cue

Sweep you up…crying out

Take me with you.


~Joseph Cavera