Comedy Review – What’s That Smell? (Melissa R. Mendelson)

Christopher Titus

Comedy Review: What Is That Smell? by, Melissa R. Mendelson I love The Doors, and I have so many favorite songs by them.  One favorite is “People Are Strange” because they are.  We are so different, but yet, we are also the same.  But I have to wonder, “Have we grown colder?”  When that song, “People Are Strange” was written […]

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Essay – Laugh Tracks in the Sand: a Tribute to Robin Williams (By Mankh)

“When asked in an interview, ‘How do you define comedy?’.. George Burns responded, ‘If you laugh, it’s comedy.’”[1] The world is a virtual tragi-comedy. Wake up in the morning, spill the coffee on the brand new white rug, start to get angry, then remember the adage “don’t cry over spilled milk,” wonder if it applies to coffee, laugh it off… […]

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