MCPH1 Human Brain Gene & Monkeys – China

Human brain MCPH1 gene cloned into baby monkeys

Chinese scientists have been modifying certain brain genes to create a new kind of monkey. Chinese researchers have incorporated the MCPH1 human brain gene into monkey embryos, in an experiment with hopes of crossing the wires of human and animal intelligence. A study based on the MCPH1 gene experimentation (PDF available below) was published in Beijing’s National Science Review journal […]

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Gene editing: A step toward ‘designer babies’

Gene editing

“Turns out the rumors are true,”. Word has spread through the scientific community that “researchers in China have successfully edited the genomes of human embryos.” Those rumors were confirmed when a team from Sun Yat-sen University published laboratory results revealing that they had crossed an ethical red line, using a gene editing tool on embryos to modify the gene responsible […]

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