Technology Addiction in Young Adults

Technology Addiction in Young Adults

If you use technology like the internet, smartphones, tablets, and social media for long periods of time you may have a technology addiction.  Other terms for this are Internet Use Disorder (IUD), Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), and Internet Addiction.  Since we are able to access the internet more easily with the use of our phones we have a tendency to spend too much time on them.  Researchers have found that about 1.5% to 8.2% of the population show that they are addicted to the internet.

Some countries have set up clinics to address this growing addiction to help people that are addicted.  They are finding that it can affect the mental and physical health.  It shows that some suffer from withdrawals if their devices are taken away or get a high when they are using their devices for a long time.  When they are addicted they might have problems coping with their daily life, relationships, how they perform their job, or hinders their education.

Some signs of addiction can be:

  • Constantly checking for text messages
  • Always changing their Facebook status
  • Withdraw from social activities
  • Upset when they can’t get online
  • Lose interest in activities that don’t involve the computer, phone, iPad
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress
  • Depression


If you or someone you know suffers any of these conditions please seek help from a professional to get you or them on a treatment plan.