The 10 Places to See Before You Die

The 10 Places to See Before You Die

If you are not among the idle rich and are not able to take the time off it takes to travel you may want to see these 10 places before you die.

  1. Emergency Room: you will get the real story of an ER and not the overly attractive staff and very alert doctors and nurses that TV wants you to believe is the real thing.  By visiting a real ER, you will see that some doctors are over worked so they are sleep deprived, they may make mistakes, and what people have to go through before they are able to see a doctor.  While sitting in the waiting room you will probably get bored with the lack of chaos and high drama.  Most ER’s do not have all the patients coming in droves – they are usually quiet for long periods of time.  A visit to an ER when you don’t need to would help you to take better care of your health so that you wouldn’t need to be taken there in an emergency.


  1. Court Room: this room is also not as exciting as it is on TV. The lawyers do not act out their cases but do take their time in getting across to the jury that their client is not guilty, and the prosecutor is on the other side trying to get the jury to convict.  Most lawyers are not good at acting – even though they must perform in front of a judge – they would probably be told to leave talent shows and acting in plays.  This visit may cause you to think twice before you decide to file a frivolous lawsuit.


  1. Jail: this is the best way to visit a jail cell when you don’t need to. That way you can see how you would be living and with whom you would be living with.  You might not be able to visit a high-security penitentiary, but you might be able to check out a local lock-up facility.  After visiting this facility, you should keep yourself on the straight and narrow, so you don’t end up as someone’s close friend.


  1. Auto Parts Store: if you visit all the stores in your area you might find yourself wondering why there are so many stores when they all do the same thing. All the shiny parts may get you thinking you need it when there is nothing wrong with your car.


  1. Dollar Store: keep in mind while you are in this store that you are getting what you pay for.  Cheap items at cheap prices, but at least you know how much you are spending if you count the items in your cart – 12 items = $12.


  1. Christmas Store: oooh look at all those shiny twinkle lights that you just have to have in order to have a happy holiday. Have fun looking at all the decorated trees and villages.


  1. A Cubicle: these little office spaces are great for letting you know just how much you need to break out of them. You will need to go for a walk, stretch out, and talk to people after you spend a couple of hours in one of these.


  1. Ethnic Restaurant: if you want to experience a different culture then go to an ethnic restaurant and have a different cuisine than what you are used to. Beware there are good ones and there are very bad ones.  Try one of each so that you know the difference and enjoy.


  1. Public Restroom in a Garage: to see what unsanitary conditions are just visit a garage/gas station restroom.  Mind you some gas stations are very clean, but some are not, so beware.


  1. Best Places to Visit Brochure: when you have visited the 9 places above then get a Best Places To Visit Brochure and pick a place to visit to see how much you learned by doing the first 9 items first.