The Lamb With The Human Face

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In the Russian village Chirka, the fuss is all about a lamb. It was born with what appears to be a ‘human face’. Neighbors refer to it as the “angry old man with a big nose”.

The farm owner could not believe his eyes when he first laid eyes on it. “We have a fairly heavy winter behind us”, said Blaise Lavrentiev. “I was happy with the pregnancy, due to the sale of the lambs, I could earn some money again. When I saw the result, I was really surprised. It looked like an old guy with a hairy face was staring at me. Her parents look normal, I have no idea how this could happen.” According to local vet, the deformity is caused by an overdose of vitamin A that the farmer gave to the mother.

The lamb has become quite the celebrity of the village. The local circus even offered ten times the normal price for it. “Whatever the cause may be, it is a rarity and will certainly not end up on the dinner table. The farmer has considered that the circus might be a good solution to that, but has decided that he will keep her around on the farm for a while.