Will We See the Sun’s Final Light Show?

Will We See the Sun’s Final Light Show
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When we see a magical light show from the sun it is called “stretched loops” that are visible when the sun is rotated showing its profile to the earth.  These lights move along a magnetic line that shows us these yellow lights that are charged particles of ultraviolet light.

In about 5 billion years the sun will shine its last light while swallowing up Mercury and Venus before it collapses.  Scientists don’t know what will happen after this collapse.  Some venture to think that the sun will shrink down to nothing and disappear.  A new study may have a different outcome and it may leave a brighter legacy.  They believe that the sun will shed half its outer core out into space and after it heats up it will send ultraviolet light and x-rays onto the particles that will glow on for about 10,000 years.

This will not be able to be seen from earth due to the fact that the older the sun gets the hotter it will burn.  Which in 2 billion years will heat up the oceans to the boiling point.