Will You Get Sick If You go to the Beach?

Will You Get Sick If You go to the Beach?

If you go to the beach this summer you may come home with some bacteria from the water.  Studies show that the water may be contaminated with all sorts of unsafe bacteria.

Before rainwater can be absorbed by the ground or evaporated back into the air it travels down to the ocean waters through sewer pipes where it can pick up any sort of bacteria.  To be safe you need to avoid going into the water at least 24 to 72 hours after a heavy rainstorm.

You might be swimming in contaminated water if the EPA has not had a chance to check the water and post notices to not swim in this water after they have done a study.  Most people don’t know that they got the bacteria from the beach when they come down with a stomachache or an earache.  There is a website where you can check to see if the beach you are heading to is safe before you go into the water.  Children, Elderly, pregnant women, and those with weak immune systems are at high risk of getting water-borne illnesses.

When you do go to the beach be sure to stay away from bad smelling water, next pipes, or looks strange.  If you go for a swim be sure to keep your head above the water to ensure that you will not swallow the water.  The best beaches are the ones that are next to open waters because they are less contaminated.